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  • Web Design

    For a long time I have been interested in Web design, Web standards and Interface Design. After spending nearly a decade teaching best practices to tertiary students I have made it my job to seek out and find the latest cutting edge design principals. I wont lie to you, Websites and Modern Technology excite me and they should excite you too. Your business website should be designed to portray your business in an inspiring way. It should speak to your users and convey your brand in an exciting and deliberate manner, whilst still following the functional best practices that are intuitive for all customers alike.

    What is all this rambling

    "Great Web Design should be exciting, purposeful and intuitively functional." - Ryan Behague

    What we do here....

    • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
    • jQuery / Javascript
    • CMS Design / Development
    • Contact forms
    • eCommerce
    • Content Writing
  • Website Hosting

    From as little as $20 per month 2nd Street can host and manage your website. This allows you complete control over your hosting package which can include all of the great features listed here. If you dont know anything about web hosting and want us to set it up for you that's fine too. Just make sure you are available and we will contact you during our work hours. Are you currently hosted somewhere else and wish to move your hosting to us .. that's GREAT! 2nd Street will do all the leg work for you, just send us the cPanel login and the domain login and sit back while we do the leg work.

    Website Hosting Charges

    All website hosting is charged annually and subject to 2nd Street Terms and Conditions. By using our services you are agreeing to those Terms and Conditions.

    Website Hosting Includes

    • Sydney or Melbourne Location
    • CloudLinux Protection
    • Economy Plans from $25 per month
    • Business Plans from $30 per month
    • Unlimited FTP access and users
    • 250+ Free One-Click PHP Apps
    • CloudFlare Availability
    • PHP, MySQL, Zend, SourceGuardian, IonCube
    • Cron jobs
    • Daily and Weekly Account Backups
    • Account Restoration at $80per Restore
    • cPanel Access
  • Digital Advertising

    From as little as $200 per month 2nd Street can set up and manage digital advertising channels to your website. Because what good is having a great website if it's not seen by anyone? This day and age digital advertising is a must for most businesses. Have you ever been on a great website and then seen ads pop up for that site the very next day? That's not by chance. The technology that is around now allows you to target your advertising, and advertise in a way that will generate the most conversions for your business. More conversions, more revenue, more winning!

    Website Advertising Charges

    All website advertising is charged as a management fee. Additional fee's may be required to be paid directly to providers - this can be scaled to your budget. If you are not sure ... contact us. We can take a look at your circumstances and provide advertising options.

    Website Advertising Includes

    • Free Consultation
    • Setting up of website tracking and analytics
    • Economy Management Plans from $200 per month
    • Business Plans from $500 per month
    • Campaign Page Setup
    • Monthly review and Management of add groups
    • Monthly review and Management of traffic sources
    • Monthly review and Management of Paid Advertising

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